Romano Artioli is a self-made Italian entrepreneur, who has been involved in the automotive world for more than 60 years. He started his career as a dealer, then distributor and finally manufacturer of special cars. He represented and successfully developed markets for several famous automotive brands and is best known as the first importer of Japanese cars in Italy with Suzuki, top distributor of Ferrari in the era of Enzo Ferrari, the rebirth of the Bugatti brand with the construction of the Blue factory in Campogalliano as well as the launch of the Bugatti EB110, EB110SS supercars and the EB112 concept and for reviving Lotus Cars in the UK by introducing its all-time bestseller, the Lotus Elise.

As an early adopter of automotive safety and a convinced promoter of sustainable alternative emissions and propulsions, since the end of the 90’s he is the owner and President of the CRMT of Lyon, the French R&D specialist of Natural gas engines and of hybrid and electric technologies to reduce the environmental impact of traditional internal combustion vehicles. At age 86 he wrote his first biography: Bugatti & Lotus Thriller where he reveals all the backstage details of his enterprises. First launched in 2019 in Italian with preface by Vittorio Feltri (Cairo Editore). One year later the book is translated into English with a preface by American TV star, Jay Leno.

Romano Artioli still works as he did when he was 17 years old and has no intention to stop anytime soon.

Romano Artioli

Bugatti & Lotus Thriller tells the story of a great dream of genius and creativity that stirs passion in every petrolhead the world over.